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SALVO continues its commitment to innovation and excellence with OPD Kit Option 3, a comprehensive solution designed to elevate infection control measures and enhance operational efficiency in dental practices. Building upon the foundational elements of Options 1 and 2, Option 3 introduces a crucial addition – Light Handle Covers. This integration ensures comprehensive protection while offering versatility for various dental procedures, making it an indispensable asset for modern dental professionals.


Sterile Contents:


Dental Patient Drape: Crafted with Level 3 RF30 material, our patient drape provides a comfortable and secure barrier, prioritizing patient comfort while effectively preventing cross-contamination during procedures.


Dental Tray Cover: Maintain uncompromising hygiene standards with our Level 3 Reinforced dental tray cover, safeguarding dental trays from contamination throughout procedures.


Hose Sleeve: Enhance workspace hygiene and efficiency with the durable hose sleeve, minimizing the risk of contamination from dental hoses and promoting a clean working environment.


Light Handle Covers: Introducing an innovative addition to the kit, the light handle covers offer an extra layer of protection for dental equipment handles, ensuring comprehensive infection control measures while accommodating various dental procedures.


With OPD Kit Option 3, SALVO empowers dental professionals with a versatile and comprehensive solution that addresses the evolving demands of modern dental practices. Trust in SALVO  to provide the tools you need to uphold the highest standards of patient care and practice excellence.



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