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In May 2020, SALVO was born as a home-based startup . The journey commenced with a passionate commitment to provide high-quality surgical gowns. Eventually the product range increased with the addition of surgical drapes, scrubs, aprons, and hospital as well as pharmaceutical uniforms. Despite humble beginnings, we quickly garnered attention for our dedication to excellence and stringent quality standards.

As demand for SALVO's products surged, the company strategically expanded its operations, moving beyond the confines of a home-based setup. Our efforts in state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and technology allowed for increased production capacity along with maintenance of high quality. This pivotal shift enabled SALVO to scale its operations and meet the growing needs of healthcare providers across India and abroad. We are now a CDSCO approved Manufacturing unit .

In addition to product diversification, SALVO's emphasis on customer satisfaction through personalized service and continuous improvement further solidified its standing in the industry. Our ability to adapt to market dynamics, coupled with a responsive customer-centric approach, fostered enduring relationships with healthcare institutions and professionals.

SALVO has made a significant impact by creating job opportunities for locals in various departments. By providing training and employment, SALVO has empowered a lot of women economically, fostering financial independence and promoting gender equality. This initiative has not only improved the lives of individual women but has also had a positive effect on their families and the wider community. Through its commitment to sustainable change, SALVO continues to be a catalyst for empowerment and progress in Vijapur, a town located in Mehsana District of Gujarat state in India.

Today, SALVO stands as a testament to the transformative power of dedication and innovation. From its modest beginnings, we have evolved into a sustainable company with robust presence across India and are committed to improve our presence abroad.

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