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Elevate your infection control protocols and streamline your dental practice operations with SALVO OPD Kit Option 2 . This  kit not only includes the essential components found in Option 1 but also incorporates an additional vital element – the Hose Sleeve. Designed to meet the diverse needs of dental professionals, Option 2 ensures a hygienic environment while optimizing workflow efficiency.


Sterile Contents :


Dental Patient Drape: Our Level 3 RF30 patient drape offers a comfortable and secure barrier, enhancing patient comfort while effectively preventing cross-contamination during procedures.


Dental Tray Cover: Maintain impeccable hygiene standards with our Level 3 Reinforced dental tray cover, safeguarding dental trays from contamination throughout procedures.


Hose Sleeve: The inclusion of a durable hose sleeve adds an extra layer of protection and convenience, minimizing the risk of contamination from dental hoses and ensuring a clean and efficient workspace.


With SALVO OPD Kit Option 2, We offer dental professionals with a comprehensive solution that reinforces infection control measures while enhancing operational efficiency. Trust in SALVO to deliver the tools you need to uphold the highest standards of patient care and practice excellence.


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