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SALVO Disposable Dental Chair Cover:


Contents Of 1 Set :

  • Head Rest Cover 
  • Back Rest Cover 
  • Leg Rest Cover
  • Arm Rest Cover ( 2 pieces )


The SALVO Disposable Dental Chair Cover is a practical and hygienic solution designed to protect dental chairs and ensure the safety and comfort of patients during dental procedures. Made from high-quality, disposable materials, this cover offers reliable protection against fluids, stains, and contamination.


Key features of the SALVO Disposable Dental Chair Cover include:


Disposable Design: Designed for single-use applications, the disposable nature of this cover eliminates the need for laundering and sanitization between patients, ensuring convenience and efficiency in dental offices.


Hygienic Protection: The cover provides a protective barrier against fluids, stains, and contaminants, helping to maintain cleanliness and hygiene in the dental environment and prevent cross-contamination between patients.


Secure Fit: With adjustable straps and closures, the SALVO Disposable Dental Chair Cover can be easily secured to different sizes and styles of dental chairs, ensuring a snug and secure fit throughout procedures.


Easy Application: The disposable design of the cover allows for quick and easy application onto dental chairs, streamlining the setup process and saving time for dental professionals.


Convenient Disposal: After use, the cover can be conveniently disposed of in standard waste disposal bins, reducing the risk of infection transmission and minimizing cleanup tasks for dental staff.


Overall, the SALVO Disposable Dental Chair Cover provides a reliable and hygienic solution for protecting dental chairs and maintaining cleanliness in dental offices. Its disposable nature ensures convenience, efficiency, and peace of mind for both dental professionals and patients.


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